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Monday, 21 January 2013

I’ve been awarded the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

Thank you so much to Melanie Robertson-King for awarding me the Very Inspiring Blog Award!
Henceforth, I will strive to be just that, VERY inspiring! Before I pass the award on to seven other worthy bloggers, I have to provide seven random facts about me. Hmm? OK, here goes:

1.    I once spotted Timothy Spall while out boating.  No, proud to say, I didn’t hound him to pose with me for a pic. Instead I had a chat to his lovely wife.

2.    I like boating. Surprise, surprise. Sinking, not so much. However, as the boat went down, I selflessly saved … the Chablis!! Yay!

3.    I abseiled down a rock-face by way of research for my upcoming book, appropriately entitled A Little Bit of Madness.

4.    I’m passionately in love – with my dog, Snoops (I might have mentioned this before).
5.    I once deep-sea dived. The ballast wasn’t weighty enough to hold me down. Glug, glug.

6.    I installed a new shower! Yes, it still works.

7.    I like to sculpt and paint.  

Right, I’m passing the award on to the following hard-working, talented and uber-supportive people:
Carol E Wyer - Facing 50 with humour

Jontybabe JB Johnston – It’s a crazy world!
Linn B Halton  - Life, love and beyond…

Lindsay Healy  - The Little Reader Library

Carol Hedges  - Carol Hedges Blogspot
Sharon Goodwin – Fiction Addiction Blog Tours

Stay safe. Be Happy!


Sharon Goodwin said...

Congratulations, very inspiring blogger :)

OMG Sheryl that sculpture is amazing (have you been peeking at me ...haha, I wish!)

Thank you for passing the award on to FABT. I'll have to think about those 7 things and then get blogging.

Sheryl said...

HAw, haw! Thanks, Sharon. I do love my sculpting. Sadly, I might have been a 'starving artist' had I pursued a career in it. Oh, I am! ;) xx

Nicky Wells said...

Huge congrats, Sheryl, and well deserved. Trust you to save the Chablis before anything else... haw haw haw! I like your style! x

Lindsay said...

Congratulations Sheryl on the award, well done!

It's lovely to see a pic of Snoops :-) What a special pup.

I like your sculpture, I didn't know you did that, looks brill!

Thank you so much for thinking of me for this award. It means a lot.

All best x