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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Cover Reveal ~ THE RED EFFECT by Harvey Black!

Today I’m delighted to be hosting author Harvey Black!
Harvey is here to share a little about the inspiration behind his intriguing military thrillers and to reveal the cover for his latest release ‘The Red Effect’.

So, Harvey, what started you writing about such a fascinating subject?

I have wanted to write a novel since I was a teenager. Enthralled by Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, E.E. Doc Smith’s Lensmen series and Edgar Rice Burroughs, I felt sure my first would be of the SF genre.

Joining the army changed all of that and my passion now is for military history.  ‘Devils with Wings’, a military thriller, based around the adventures of two young Fallschirmjäger paratroopers during the early part of World War II, is a fictionalised adventure based on the famous assault on the impregnable Belgian fortress, Eben Emael.    

What do you think makes your books special?

I try to visit the locations in person. For Devils with Wings: Silk Drop, I walked the routes, up to 18 miles, in Crete, during the hottest part of the day, where my characters would have marched. Most of the descriptions in the novel, of what they can see, was written in situ.

I have just finished the first of my Cold War trilogy of novels, The Red Effect. Having spent a number of years in British Army Intelligence during the Cold War years, I have a deep insight into the undercurrents and flashpoints that occurred between the Soviet Union and the West.

Can you tell what authors inspire you?

I have number of authors I follow, ranging from Stephen Leather, Simon Scarrow, Bernard Corwall, Gerald Seymor to Ian Rankin. Since i have been writing my own novels, I have played a close interest in newer authors, such as S.J.A.Turney and Stephen England. I am currently reading 'Marias' Mules' IV.

What is your plan going forward? Do you have other books in the pipeline?

There will be ten books in the 'Devils with Wings' series, Book 4, will be published towards the end of the year. The Red Effect now finished, I will focus on Book 2, The Black Effect, where the confrontation between East and West continues.

Have you learned from your writing/publishing experience?  What will you do differently next time?

More structure to my chapters in advance, focus on my characterisation and improving my dialogue, key to keeping the story moving.

Tell us a little about lessons learnt so far?

Edit, edit, edit! Even when you have your editing done professionally, you still need to check your manuscript again and again.

Out in April – The Red Effect.

Thank you so much for sharing with us, Harvey.  I would just like to finish by saying I have read Devils with Wings (recommended by my adult son, who is an avid reader of historical) and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Find out more about HARVEY BLACK AUTHOR and the ‘Cold War’ trilogy here:

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Nicky Wells said...

Ooh I can't wait, love the cover, look forward to the series. Good luck, Harvey! X

Harvey Black said...

Thank you Sheryl. Like all writers, I have a passion to share my scribblings. It isn't just about selling novels, it's about the pleasure I get from writing them.

Harvey Black said...

I think the cover portrays the menace that was always present during the Cold War. SilverWood books are now designing my covers as well as publishing my books. The Devils with Wings series are excellent, The Red Effect cover tops them all. I know Adrian is already working on the cover for The Black Effect.

Sue Fortin said...

It is a fantastic cover and having read all Harvey's previous novels, I can recommend them and look forward to reading The Red Effect

Sheryl said...

Thanks so much for stopping by, Sue. High praise indeed from a talented author and book reviewer, Harvey! :) xx

Linn B Halton said...

My husband is glued to Harvey's books and the detail is beyond belief! Love the new cover - can't wait to buy this book. Congrats Harvey!

Harvey Black said...

Thanks Linn

Tell him there will be a Book 4 DWW, but The Black Effect will be next. HB