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Monday, 31 December 2012

Keep safe & have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Well, it’s that time of year again: The End … almost.  And what a fabulous year it has been! Three books published, THANKS to lovely Safkhet Publishing, and out there – at last.  I can’t quite believe it.
Recipes for Disaster was published in February – and shortlisted for the Festival of Romance Innovation in Romantic Fiction Award.
Somebody to Love, published in July, has garnered some fabulous reviews and is now featured as one of Dizzy C’s Little Book Blog best reads 2012.  Yay!
Warrant for Love (a teeny bit more racy than Somebody to Love) was published in August and is getting phenomenal reviews.  You can find an example of one such lovely review here (so proud was I, I couldn’t resist framing it!).  I am truly thrilled to bits ~ and a little bit gobsmacked that my books are being read and loved.  I think, I hope, reviewers, who give freely of their time to help bring books and readers together, realise how truly grateful authors are.
Thank you! Thank you, too, to all my lovely friends who have given me so much support, following and sharing my progress and occasionally offering a shoulder to blubber on. 
A huge THANK YOU also to, a wonderful group of talented authors and reader/reviewers, without whose support I would have flailed about and possibly sunk without trace.  You can find a FABulous roundup of loveahappyending’s achievements and books published over the last year if you click on the link.  More to follow in the New Year.  Onward and Upward!
Lastly, my new book (yes, another one!) releases on Valentine’s Day 2013! The day before my birthday!   
I was knee-deep in edits and proofreading over Christmas so enlisted Santa’s little helpers to lend a hand/paw. Unfortunately, they found themselves otherwise engaged.  
The gorgeous cover model for A Little Bit of Madness, Carol E Wyer, was chosen from a competition run at the Festival of Romance 2012.  Keep an eye out for that on Fiction Addiction Book Tours.  You will NOT be disappointed.
Keep Safe everyone ~ and have a
Happy, Healthy & Successful New Year.





Happy New Year lovely lady! Looking forward to reading your new book! x

Sheryl said...

You too, JB! You're the best! Will make sure to send you a copy with the gorgeous cover model in the flesh, so to speak. Have the best ever, sweetie! :) xx