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Sunday, 23 December 2012

REVIEW: Touched by The Light ~ Linn B Halton

Touched by The Light - A Fun, thought-provoking love story with a psychic twist
Dying was, quite frankly, incredibly easy.' This is the opening to Linn B Halton's Touched by The Light - and you have to admit it's an intriguing hook. It drew me immediately into the story, telling me what to expect and then going on to briefly outline poor Mya's predicament. She's finally got a point where she can see her way forward in life (and love). More importantly, she knows what she wants and has the tools to achieve it, and... wham ...suddenly she's on the other side and having to struggle all over again - to find her meaning in death.

Death - it's a scary word. The story, however, though obviously having physic and paranormal elements, isn't scary at all. It's more a story about love and life, relationships and how we cope with the scars we carry into those relationships. If you haven't already gathered, Mya is a ghost. Telling her story in the first person (kudos to the author for telling the story in first point of view for all characters, by the way, which is cleverly done, each character having their own unique voice), Mya finds herself in the midst of love-torn, Laurel and Dan's relationship. Laurel, it turns out, is able to communicate with spirits, which gives us the clue that Mya is somehow meant to `meet' her. She has no clue why, though, and thus begins Mya's quest to sort out her own conundrum as well as Laurel's and Dan's difficulties.

Touched by the Light is a thought-provoking love story, a fun romance with a psychic twist, a few `will they?' surprises and a must-read-on feel good factor! (I loved Mya’s first encounter with the Ouija board. Definitely felt I was there. I won't say where for fear of `spoilers' but it made me laugh). It raises questions and looks at what draws us to other people. In short, it delivers - and has a hugely satisfying ending. I would highly recommend this book. A fabulous read to tuck up with over the holidays!
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Linn B Halton said...

Thank you Sheryl for such a lovely review! Thrilled you enjoyed it, a debut novel is always very special. Touched was my first book baby and it was fun to write. Have a lovely Christmas! Hope 2013 is an amazing year for you - with some more amazing books. You are one fabulous romcom author. Lxx