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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Hoping all your dreams & wishes come true. :)

This year didn’t start too well, some disturbing news on my partner’s health front giving us cause for concern. As the year progressed though, we put our faith in the specialists and the prognosis is all that we could hope for. Sadly, we also lost two people who were dear to us, and who will stay in our hearts. That said, within our little family unit, we are safe and content.

Still, though, as I lay in my bed last night, I found myself wondering why ‘this’ can’t happen and ‘that’ can’t be; having a bemoaning my lot moment, as we do sometimes. I then had a mental flash of an image I’d seen on TV, slotted in between the pre-Christmas must-haves and the post-Christmas sales and holiday ads. I’m not going to reproduce it here, I’m sure you can see it as starkly as I can when I say it was of a mother desperate for some way to feed her tiny malnourished child.

I was warm and cosy in my bed. My fridge is bursting with food aplenty. Knowing I donate to charities, praying the organisations I donate through ensure the funds ever get there, I swallowed back a lump in my throat and gave myself a swift kick up the derrière. Whatever the New Year brings, I realised I was fortunate enough to be able to cherish fond memories of dear lost relatives, share new memories with family and friends. I have twinkling tree lights and a fire to toast my toes in front of. Am I really that badly off? I think not.

When I woke this morning it was with renewed determination to make this year count, not to be aggressive in what I hope to achieve, but to be positive, to try to enjoy each moment of each day, even those where life’s little mishaps come to try us. I doubt I’ll get through the first week without having a mental moan about something, but I’m going to give it a go.

I hope everyone I know can find their little bit of positivity, that their New Year brings them all that they might wish for. It’s not easy sometimes to count our blessings, but I, for one, realise I do have a few to count.
A heartfelt thank you to all my friends and supporters. I really could not have got through this year without you!

Stay safe. Be happy.
 Love Snoops (and me!) xxx

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