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Friday, 6 December 2013

Next Christmas Will Be Different ~ Pauline Barclay. FREE + REVIEW!

Today I have the pleasure of hosting Pauline Barclay, author of four top selling novels! Pauline has released a short festive story in time for Christmas, Next Christmas Will Be Different, a beautiful read, and it's now FREE!

Host’s note: I’ve read it. I love it!

"Thanks Sheryl for having me on your fabby blog to promote my short story. As you know I wanted Next Christmas Will Be Different to be available as a free download on all e-readers, and I am delighted to announce it is! It's a little gift from me to say thank you to all the fabby readers who have read my books."

Next Christmas Will Be Different.

When the O’Reilly family gather for the festive season it is a time for catching up, eating too much and making promises, but can the promises be kept?

Sheryl’s Review:

Coming from a large family myself, I immediately warmed to the O’Reilly clan. Pauline Barclay’s ‘Next Christmas Will Be Different’ drew me in from the first page. A truly heart-warming story turning around Mary O’Reilly and her grown family coming together to celebrate Christmas, I felt less like a voyeur watching proceedings as the various generations slipped into their traditional roles under ‘Nana’s’ roof, more like a member of the family sitting alongside them. Reading this short, sweet story felt like coming home. It’s a lovely reminder of what it means to have family you can share that special time of year with; of how, no matter the distance or differences between you, you can easily fall into familiar step with your loved ones. A reminder also, perhaps, to appreciate them while you have them, especially Mum. The antics of the men were so typical I just had to smile. I sincerely hope I can visit the O’Reilly family again next year – and that nothing at all is different.

As a bonus, Pauline has also included five FREE chapters from each of her novels: Storm Clouds Gathering, Satchfield Hall, Magnolia House, Sometimes It Happens! (If you would like to read my review for Sometimes It Happens, go here: REVIEW

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I hope you enjoy this short festive story.


Pauline Barclay said...

Hello Sheryl, thank you so much for having me here on your fabby blog and also for the wonderful review. It brought tears to me eyes. Thank you dear heart for all your kindness. xx

Sheryl Browne said...

It's a lovely book, Pauline. Just the right size to leave you feeling replete and content! :) xx

Patricia said...

Wow - this is definitely a "must" read and a wonderful stocking stuffer! Thanks for this great offer, Pauline, and wonderful review, Sheryl!