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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Learning to Love. Could you?

Learning to Love

The good Dr David Adams had been a bad boy. Could you learn to love him?
Learning to Love
Exploring the Fragility of Love, Life, and Relationships

Widower, Dr David Adams, has recently moved to the village – where no one knows him, ergo there’s no fuel for neighbourhood gossip – to start afresh with is ten year old son, if only he can get to a place where his son wants to speak to him. Angry and withdrawn, Jake blames his dad for the death of his mother, and David doesn’t know how to reach him.

Andrea Kelly has too many balls in the air. With three children and a “nuts” mother to care for, her fiancĂ© can’t fathom why she wants to throw something else into the mix and change her career. Surely she already has too much on her plate? Because her plates are skew-whiff and her balls are dropping off all over the place, Andrea points out. She needs to make changes. Still her fiancĂ©, who has a hidden agenda, is dead-set against it.

When Andrea’s house burns mysteriously to the ground and Andrea and her entourage are forced to move in with the enigmatic Dr Adams, however, the village drums soon start beating, fuel aplenty when it turns out someone does know him – the woman carrying his baby.


To celebrate the launch of Learning to Love in e-book, we are having a massive Promo Blitz on 21st and 22nd July! It will be a 2 day party with some FAB Giveaways. The theme of the party is: If you had to reinvent yourself what name would you use? Would you change occupations and have a whole new identity? Whose identity would you steal? Where would you relocate to and why? Feel free to post pics! We are looking for the most imaginative ones! So, get your thinking caps on!
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