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Monday, 1 July 2013

Totally Awesome ~ Live Lit!

I was recently invited to read as part of the Droitwich Festival Literary Day ‘Live Lit’ event. So, how did it go? WOW! The collective talent, wonderfully ambient location (Park’s Café, where the food is superb: the menu offering dishes with a distinctive traditional feel, where possible using local suppliers and ingredients) and fabulous organisation meant the event went with a real buzz.


One of many events organised in conjunction with the Droitwich Arts Network (chaired by the ever-enthusiastic Peter Hawkins), the ‘Live Lit’ is one I would highly recommend. Whether you are a lover of poetry, fiction, music; a reader or a writer – or just in search of good food with a generous side helping of thoroughly enjoyable, inspiring entertainment, this is one for your diary.


The literary day featured an eclectic mix of performance poetry and poetry, short fiction and novel readings, complemented by music from festival artists.

Special thanks to Sarah Leavesley (Sarah James) for all her tremendously hard work in organising the ‘Live Lit’ event. The performers and readers were absolutely awesome. Obviously to list them all would take all day, so I’ve popped some pics below.


A special mention to Ian Bowkett, however, whose performance can only be summed up by ‘Wow!’.  If you do ever get a chance to hear Ian Bowkett perform live, go! His clever, entertaining poetry and his stunning ability to remember the most complex pieces will blow you away.  Amazing!
For info, Droitwich Arts Network (which supports all local arts and aims to engage the public) organises several events throughout the year:

Arts 4 All, encouraging people to “have a go” and join the various art related clubs.

Summer Festivals – combining water & music & art festivals.

Arts trails and painting/ photography displays.

Food and Drink Festivals.

Literary Festivals … and MUCH more.

Please do visit the Droitwich Updates Facebook page to keep up-to-date with events.

If you’d like to find out more about Sarah Leavesley (Sarah James) and her work, go here: Sarah James

You can find Ian Bowkett’s Facebook Author page here: Ian Bowkett on FB


Patricia said...

Sheryl! Fabulous post! I feel like I was there too! Well done!

Nicky Wells said...

Sheryl, you are just simply a superstar. What a great event, and I love the photos. Can't wait to catch up with you at Festival of Romance and see you in action!

Meanwhile! I wanted to spread some luuurve so here's a Sunshine Award for you: Happy blogging, and thanks SO very much for everything you do. Rock on! XX

PS ~ if this isn't a good time or you're too busy to accept, I'll totally understand. It's just for a bit of fun, really, so don't worry! XX