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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Pep up your life! JUST ADD SPICE by Carole E Wyer!

Today I have the absolute pleasure of hosting fabulous best-selling Novelist Carol E. Wyer! Carol is bringing us her brand new, hilarious book:

Just Add Spice

Dawn Ellis needs to escape from her painfully dull existence. Her unemployed husband spends all day complaining about life, moping around, or fixing lawnmowers on her kitchen table.

The local writing class proves to be an adequate distraction with its eccentric collection of wannabe authors and, of course, the enigmatic Jason, who soon shows a romantic interest in her.

Dawn pours her inner frustrations into her first novel about the extraordinary exploits of Cinnamon Knight, an avenging angel -- a woman who doesn’t believe in following the rules. Cinnamon is ruthless and wanton, inflicting suffering on any man who warrants it.

Little does Dawn realise that soon the line between reality and fiction will blur. Her own life will be transformed, and those close to her will pay the price.


Cinnamon Knight ground the stub of her Benson and Hedges’ cigarette into the pavement with the heel of her Prada leather motorcycle boot, where it now joined a small pile of tab ends. Strategically placed in a shop doorway, she watched the top left window of a block of flats opposite. She had been there almost two hours. Rain beat steadily on the pavement, drumming against the gutter with constant thuds, but this did not deter her. Her patience was rewarded as the light blazing from the window was finally extinguished. She sauntered across the road to the BMW parked in front of the block of flats along the kerbside, sandwiched between a Peugeot 205 and a C Class Mercedes.

Dressed completely in black, face partially obscured by her North Face hooded jacket; she was almost invisible next to the dark car. It took only a minute to fiddle with the lock, open the door, and slide into the car. She lowered herself down in the driver’s seat, casting a cursory glance out of the window. The streets were empty. The weather was on her side and no one was braving the downpour, not even the old man at the end of the road who rarely missed taking his dog out for an evening stroll.

She leant forward and pulled off the cover below the steering wheel with one deft movement. Extracting the screwdriver from a neat case, she stabbed it into the ignition lock. A quick fiddle, one sharp twist, and the car burst into life; the persistent thudding of the rain against the pavement hid the initial coughing of the engine. She pulled away from the kerb swiftly and headed up the road at speed.

Pushing the hood away from her head, she checked her face in the rear-view mirror. That’ll teach him to mess about with women, she thought. No one, but no one, messes about with Cinnamon—the rat!


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Dizzy C said...

Thank you for taking part, Sheryl


jaffareadstoo..... said...

I'm happy to visit as part of the Just Add Spice blog tour blitz !

Carol Hedges said...

Hahaha if it's as funny as her last 3 books, it'll be a great success!!!

Carol E Wyer said...

You rotter! You have made me cry big blubby tears over my laptop.
I can't tell you what this review means to me. It is truly wonderful. Thank you *said in tearful voice*. When we next meet I am going to squeeze the life out of you with a huge hug. xxxxxx

Chris James said...

Very, very nice review, Sheryl. It's a cracking book and no mistake!


A fab review Sheryl!!! Its a fantastic book! Well done Carol. x

Sheryl said...

Haw, haw! Carol, we'll be squeezing the life out of each other. Loved Just Add Spice. You go, girl! :) xx

Sheryl said...

Thanks for stopping by, all - and for your lovely comments. :) xx